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The most valuable of all arts, will be the art of deriving a comfortable subsistence from the smallest area of soil.   No community whose every member possesses this art, can ever be the victim of oppression of any of its forms. Abraham Lincoln



Cuba Landing Food Forest

October 2014
Tractor Fall 2014
Valley Erosion
Survey Summer 2015
Complete Earthworks
Bundles of Trees
Water Harvest and Growth
New Growth
Hedge Growth Early Spring
Hedge Summer
Shiso and Grapes
Plants for Pollinators
Summer 2017
Earthworks and Growth

Permaculture seeks the Garden of Eden & why not? - Bill Mollison

In search for solutions to the many ecological and social problems highlighted in my work, I have begun practicing permaculture. This portfolio captures the first year of the Cuba Landing Food Forest living art project.


This project is different from previous projects as it moves beyond critique to focus on building an alternative living system. Employing both my training in permaculture design and research into historical agricultural practices, I am building an edible forest garden on fifty acres in the western highland rim. The goal is to create a garden of eden in Tennessee.


The land was logged in 2014 and purchased by our family in early 2015. Each spring we plant thousands of fruits and nuts in the spring. In addition we have installed on contour water harvesting earthworks to enrich the water table, reduce erosion and water our plantings. This is a long term project with the goal of turning a formally logged landscape into an edible and productive perennial food forest. 

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